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The brain supplement industry is fairly new and with the discovery of the effects of nootropic substances, new products continue to be developed. TruBrain is one of the products that is very popular among new users. One thing that sets this supplement apart from many others is the innovative dosing regimen.

Nootropics are substances that produce effects for improving memory, focus, and concentration. The discovery of nootropics led to the growth of the brain supplement industry with products developed for everything from improving memory and focus to preserving mental function. College students and executives are searching for the perfect nootropic stack to gain the greatest benefit from these ingredients.

Ingredients and Results

The ingredients, dosage, and results of various supplements can help you select a quality nootropic. TruBrain contains piracetam, pramiracetam, omega 3 fatty acids, acetyl l-carnitine, l-tyrosine, DHA, theanine, CDP choline, and magnesium. The biggest problem with the ingredients is the inclusion of piracetam because this ingredient is illegal in the United States.

TruBrain brain boosters are packaged individually and marked AM and PM to indicate which dosage should be taken in the morning and evening. First box contains packets for the first 10 days, known as the Loading Phase. The packaging is one reason the product has gained popularity among new users, as they are often confused about dosage and package instructions on many products are vague.

When searching for a reliable TruBrain review, you will notice a lack of reviews. This is most likely due to the fact that many online retailers, including Amazon, do not carry the product because it contains a banned ingredient. Reviews from users are mixed. Most report feeling very little difference during the initial Loading Phase. Later, some report better clarity and focus, but most report that they did not see much improvement in overall memory or cognitive function.

The biggest complaint among users is the hefty price tag. This supplement is priced at $125 for a month’s supply. Many users expressed the opinion that the price is too high, particularly considering the mediocre results. At Smart Pill Guide, you can read reviews of this product and other top selling supplements to find a high rated nootropic supplement that produces results.

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