12 Things You Didn’t Know You Do That Kills Your Brain Cells (part 3)

Continued from Part 2

(Note: This is a 3-Part article. If you’ve missed any of the previous part, click here for Part 1, and click here for Part 2.)

9. Mercury Toxicity. Today, with everyone trying to become healthy and lean, you should take note that our diets can kill us. I know that getting enough protein is important and that chicken breast and roast beef can get quite boring, so you might delve into fish. Watch those cans of tuna! As a general rule, only eat two to three cans of tuna per week (yes, it’s that low).

10. Aspartame. On that same topic of losing weight, many people are seemingly now switching to zero calorie solutions when it comes to drinks and sweets! Unbeknownst to most, aspartame will kill you. You not only risk your health, but aspartame kills brain cells, and may, in some cases, can cause cancer. A big no-no, guy.

11. Lack of Sleep. Unless you absolutely need to, try not to sacrifice sleep for more work. Not getting enough sleep, aside from making you really cranky and unable to function the next day, also interferes with our abilities to learn and socialize. And yes, it also kill brain cells.

12. Food Additives. How do you know if your food has food additives? If the expiry date is longer than a month or two from now. Food additives contain neurotoxins, which not only slow down the processes of the brain, but also prevent any sort of cognitive development as well. Avoid it at all cost – that includes any and all processed food. Goodbye, bacon! (well, I guess once every now and then isn’t too bad).