6 Amazing Ways Smart Drugs Will Change Your Life (part 3)

Continued from Part 2

This is a three-part article, so if you haven’t had the chance to check Part 1 and 2 yet, you can find them here(Part 1) and here (Part 2). Enjoy!

Here’s what you can do with Smart Drugs:

5. Feel Like A Lion and Exude Self-Confidence. Imagine storming into a board meeting and absolutely killing it… Being able to hit a nightclub and chat up every beautiful girl you see…. Overcome your fears at home and the office… Amongst all the other points mentioned, this may just be one of the most important ones because it gives you more control over your life. When you are on smart drugs, you are empowered. You see things in ways you wouldn’t normally. The boost is so huge that it may seem like you are able to break down barriers – and you know what, I’ll tell you know that you probably will.

6. Unlock Your True Potential. Well, with a secret weapon like nootropics, what can’t you achieve? Nootropics are definitely no magic pill. You have to already be actively trying to achieve something for nootropics to even begin to help – it just makes what you want happen more quickly. There really is nothing wrong with using them, and if you’re wondering, it isn’t cheating. All nootropics are really doing is allowing you to become the best that you can possibly be. If it isn’t in you to run a 20K or to write a book in a week, you aren’t going to. However, if you will be able to, it’s almost most definitely because you already could – brain pills just gave you that extra push.

Nootropics will give you an edge wherever you may need them, but of course, you need to understand their limitations as well – they are not a “do everything” pill. For added benefits to certain functions of the brain though, and a completely empowering experience, nootropics and smart drugs are definitely the way to go!

6 Amazing Ways Smart Drugs Will Change Your Life (part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Have you ever contemplated on how much different your life could be if you were just able to be a little smarter, a little wittier, or even just slightly sharper? Imagine the possibilities if we had the ability to just reroute a little bit of our mental power so that we could have increased focus, memory, creativity, alertness, or motivation whenever we needed a little bump in the right direction. Life would be a breeze!

Well, what if I told you that there are ways to do such things? If you wanted to, you could easily just take a pill that will work on your brain and improve upon all the aforementioned things. If you were thinking of NZT-48 from the limitless pill, I’ll break it to you now – that’s not what we’re talking about. But there exists certain supplements called smart drugs, or ‘nootropics’, that basically enhance the way your brain works by supplying it with vital nutrition. They’re available off-prescription and are perfectly healthy for you too! But the questions is this,

What could you really do given the power to enhance your brain’s capabilities?

This is a three-part article, so if you’ve landed on this one first, you might have missed Part 1 here, so don’t forget to check that out as well.

Here’s what you can do with Smart Drugs:

3.Counter Stress Like it’s No One’s Business. In an age where competition for work and academia is at an all-time high, where everything is being built around multitasking and the ability to get tons of work done at the same time, stress is running rampant. It is difficult enough to try to get a project done, but today, you need to do that, be able to manage three or four micro-projects, and maintain relationships with your friends and loved ones as well! It’s unreal – but luckily for you, your nootropic is your secret weapon. Some nootropics contain very soothing properties that allow you to cope much, much better than even methods like meditation.

4. Revitalize Your Memory. We don’t normally think about how good our memory is. We are always using it, but it is only in the rarest of occasions when we aren’t able to remember something, do we actually notice that it isn’t as good as we want it to be. While nootropics don’t really give you photographic memory or the ability to remember the first 100 decimals of Pi, they do allow you the ability to significantly remember information here and there – things stored in short-term memory – such as names and phone numbers, while also allowing you to recall information so much faster.

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6 Amazing Ways Smart Drugs Will Change Your Life (part 1)

Wouldn’t it just be absolutely awesome if we were able to control and influence every aspect of our brain and how it works? We could achieve amazing things. If you needed a little extra brain power into your ability to focus, you could easily just make a few adjustments in your head to make that possible. If you wanted to be able to boost your memory to allow you to remember EVERYTHING, that would be equally easy as well. If you’ve ever played the game Crysis, you should recall being able to easily switch between the strength, speed, and stealth modes in an instant. If we could do that to our brains, imagine the possibilities…

Unfortunately though, we probably don’t have the technology to manipulate our brain in such ways yet (note that I say “yet!”). Perhaps it will be possible in the near future, but at the moment, the very next best thing would have to be smart drugs, otherwise known as ‘nootropics’. Depending on which kind you take, you’re able to just as easily boost your focus, memory, creativity, alertness, and motivation as you see fit. They’re available off prescription, and since they are just dietary supplements, they’re perfectly safe for your body.

Here’s what you can do with Smart Drugs:

  1. Soak Up Information Like a Mega-Sponge. You know, there is some truth in the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. As we grow older, retaining the information we learn becomes a lot harder. Just like aging computers, our brains have already gathered so much information over decades that cramming some more in is almost impossible! If only we could go back to our younger years when we would readily accept any information thrown at us. That’s why learning a language as a kid was so much easier than it is now – your brain was like a sponge. Taking nootropics, while it might not be exactly like that, is still pretty damn close.
  2. Energize with Pure, Non-Stimulant Energy! While caffeine is still widely considered as a nootropic, there are other non-stimulant nootropics as well. With these ‘noots’, you get no stimulant-related side effects at all (like crashes, jitters, and anxiety). Imagine that! You’ll be able to head over to work and bust your butt off for a full 7-8 hours, and then after clocking out, still have more than enough energy for some extracurricular activities with the wife. You’ll feel ten years younger! And best of all, you’re not going to crash.
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One Surprisingly Amazing Way to Improve Your Memory without Engaging Your Brain

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just stop forgetting all those names? It really sucks to be able to remember a face, but not have a set of identifying phonetic syllables to attach to it. Imagine being in a meeting room with a potential client, and halfway through your presentation, you can’t even remember exactly who you are presenting to! Hopefully, you haven’t had the pleasure of that misfortune yet, but if you do find yourself forgetting the odd name now and again, not remembering where you’ve put your keys (for the thousandth time!), and even finding that certain things just seem to slip from your mind from time to time, perhaps your brain deserves some much-needed care and attention.

There are many ways we can exercise and help strengthen our brain, but the problem for those who are always up and about is time. We don’t really have a lot of time to just start learning a new instrument, studying a new language, or mastering a craft or skill.

But what if I told you that you didn’t actually need to take ‘engaging your brain’ that far? There’s something else that you can start doing right now to strengthen your brain and improve your memory – and better yet, it doesn’t even involve any sort of remembering or problem-solving at all! You don’t even need to worry about losing time.

Start using your less dominant hand.

Really, how much easier and simpler can it get? You don’t even have to learn anything, really. And it doesn’t even have to be as complex as trying to write with your left hand. While you can do that if you really wanted to (even I would like to be filling out paperwork two sheets at a time), in the aspect of time management, you can really get away with something much simpler.

How simple? Well, as simple as simply brushing your teeth with your left hand! It doesn’t take much time at all, and it even doesn’t need much thought put into it. How this works is that your brain is that over time, doing certain things, our brains get to a point where it’s completely used to an activity and can do it autonomously. When that happens, you aren’t really engaging your brain at all anymore.

But when you start messing with it by using your other hand to do common tasks that used to be done with your dominant hand, your brain gets a little confused. It now has to relearn all the actions associated with that task using your other hand – and that does wonders for your brain.

One Surprisingly Amazing Way to Improve Your Memory without Engaging Your Brain

I’m sure you can be a little more inventive, but that should get the ball rolling.

Well, what are you waiting for? Boost your brain power now!

Achieving a Balance between Productivity and Overworking

You’re one of those do-it-all guys. You have no problems at all about getting down to work and you get many things done simultaneously in the best of ease. You are severely underpaid, but you don’t even care about any of it because it’s not the money for you. It’s the constant pressure and the relief of getting things done in little to no time at all that get you off. You thrive off it. However, days and weeks and months fly by with you always performing at your very best – to the point that even your very best doesn’t satisfy you anymore. You’re overworking yourself, you’re exhausted, and you’re on the verge of burnout.

If that wasn’t enough, another big project is coming up around the corner, but you’ve already completely depleted your creative juices and it seems as if you just don’t have enough energy to power through another long haul. You have a problem.

This is where most people make mistakes: productivity is not a measure of how much you get done in a given amount of time.What productivity really is, is the average amount that you can get done over a long period.

Most people have it wrong when it comes to getting things done productively.Trying to optimize every single thing in the span of a single day is where the majority of us fail. While perhaps we are able to do so, how long can you really perform at your 100% before you need a break?

The things we do in the name of productivity –multitasking, adhering to strict time constraints, and even the very small things we do towards optimization are all becoming a hindrance to our actual ability to perform exceptionally over a long period of time.

Instead, what we should all strive to do is more along the lines of the real definition of productivity – and as much as this seems counterintuitive,this includes eliminating multitasking. Instead of trying to do a lot of things at the same time, try prioritizing things in terms of value vs effort.Meaning, you prioritize them into high value low effort, high value high effort, low value low effort, low value high effort. From there, you start doing them accordingly with the priority on things you can do with value but little effort.

Another thing that you might do instead of multitasking is to really batch things according to the similarity of the actual task. Put the things that need to be done in an order that makes sense, allowing a good flow with little distractions.

Experiment a little as well and see what works for you. Remember, it’s not about getting things done in as little time as possible. It’s about getting the most important things done first, while being able to maintain your energy for a long period of time.

5 Ways to Eliminate Stress from Your Life: Part 2

In this day and age, there are quite a lot of things outside, yet also inside, that can cause us a lot of stress. Though it isn’t often easy, we have to learn to sometimes take a breather, and let some of the little things go. We’re here to guide you on your step-by-step path to stress-free living. Although you might not employ some of these techniques, sticking to at least one should grant you some substantial results!

Keep following our three-part featured article for just a few unique 5 Ways to Eliminate Stress from Your Life.

2. Smile. You’ve probably heard the saying “A smile can hide a thousand words” before. Although it isn’t exactly words that you’re hiding, it can put on a show, fooling people of the feelings you keep inside. Yes, it isn’t good to vent – stresswise. However, it isn’t simply about putting on a mask and hiding your feelings. You wouldn’t have to become a cold person to do this.

However, there is some surprisingly convincing research out there suggesting that simply smiling when you’re in all grumpy can actually cause you to experience a positive mood. Apparently, your brain cannot discern whether your smile is genuine or fake, causing it to release hormones in your body that would normally be released were you in a jolly mood. The research also warns, though, that trying too hard, though, might be counterproductive, and might actually backfire in your plans to de-stress. This means that the saying “fake it ‘til you make it” might just hold true.

Do Not Distort Your Perspective. Often a lot of people think that a bad morning inevitably means that you are going to have a bad day. However, this isn’t always necessarily true – unless, of course you’ve been having an unfortunately really bad run of bad coincidences. Most often, what happens is that our bad mood affects our perspective on the whole day, that some of the little things that we start doing – a few behavioral cues – are a bit influenced by that single event that happened in the beginning of your morning. It probably was something as trivial as having to change your blue shirt after spilling coffee on it too.

However, although we won’t be able to completely eliminate this sort of thing, we should always try to reevaluate ourselves throughout the day, and see what kind of positive spin you can make out of the events that happened. Maybe blue isn’t really your color – a yellow one makes you stand out better. Keep positive, it isn’t going to be all bad.

5 NO-Foods if You’re Suffering From ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain disorder that causes symptoms of restlessness, disorganization, and a difficulty to focus. It is usually diagnosed in children and although some people grow out of it, 60% of the children diagnosed with ADHD have symptoms that persist into adulthood. If you’ve ever thought about how difficult it is for a child with ADHD to function in a normal school, think about how much more it would be for an adult to function in the working environment.

There is no known cure for ADHD. Nevertheless, there are things that you can do to help cope with the symptoms, as well as things that might make it worse. As well as things that you shouldn’t be doing, here are five foods that you should avoid if you have ADHD:

  1. Food Dyes. It is pretty bad for ADHD sufferers to eat anything that has anything to do with food dyes. Yes, that’s a lot of food. Anything that is artificially colored should be off your menu. According to research, these contain chemicals that can cause increased hyperactivity. Other chemicals in carbonated drinks and preservatives should be avoided too. This puts a lot of things – candy, sports drinks, sodas, and even some types of toothpaste on your NO-list.
  2. Sugar. You’ve probably heard of the term sugar rush. This occurs when a person ingests too much sugar and a temporary state of hyperactivity is induced. Yes, this is where we base that on. If you’re doing the math, I’m pretty sure you should know that:Hyperactive Person + Foods that Induce Hyperactivity ≠ Alleviated Symptoms

    Don’t eat sugar.

  3. Coffee. This might be a pretty hard one to give up, especially if you’re addicted to coffee. Or at least take it regularly. With the huge popularity of coffee, so many drink them to supercharge their mornings. Unfortunately for the ADHD sufferers, the caffeine found in coffee has been known to trigger many ADHD symptoms. Don’t feel bad, though. Decaf is still okay!
  4. Red Meats. Red meat can cause a plethora of problems for ADHD sufferers, as it really increases the severity of your symptoms. The experts say, however, that this is not one food to completely avoid, but eating in moderation is still good. However, when possible, one should opt for the healthier protein sources such as salmon or tuna.
  5. Fast Food. No. Just no. If people who don’t have ADHD aren’t advised to eat fast food, you think you’ll be better off than them? The fried stuff is incredibly unhealthy and the other stuff you’re not told about that they put inside of it makes your symptoms run wild. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, and NOPE. Avoid fast food at all costs.

3 Pictures to Stick on Your Bathroom Mirror to Get You Focused for the Day

Do you find yourself sometimes a little unmotivated to get yourself to work? Do you wake up and just not want to get up from bed at all? Yeah, sometimes work does get a little repetitive, but we need to strive forward and keep going. It may be a little difficult, but you need to remember that sometimes, you need to keep going to achieve a greater goal.

I know sometimes you’d love to just sleep in a little bit longer, and probably just call in sick. But do you want that Ferrari? You need to keep going forward. You know that you aren’t going to feel like that the whole day anyway, and that it’s just usually the early mornings that get you – so let’s charge you up early in the morning, before you even get in the shower!

While you may not be too used to sticking things onto your bathroom mirror, perhaps it is a good time to start doing so. You look at yourself in the mirror every day and everyone knows the bathroom is a place where great ideas just come to you naturally. With that in mind, let’s supercharge your mornings and get you all pumped up for work by extremely unorthodox methods – sticking things to your mirror.

Here’s what should be there:

  1. Your Loved Ones. It’s always great to remind yourself who you are doing this for. You want to be able to give your family an exceptional life, so having their pictures on the mirror is great to remind you of the bigger picture. Plus, in times of hardship, you’ll just feel good when you’re reminded of everyone there for you.
  2. Your Greatest Desires. What does your dream home look like? Is there a car that you’ve been dying to buy for the last few months? Is there a vacation you’ve been waiting to take this Christmas? We are fueled by our wants, not our needs – so remind yourself of the things that you really, really want by sticking pictures of them all over you bathroom mirror. And then, when you have the money to do so, start crossing off items from that list!
  3. Your Idol / Inspiration. Who is the most influential person in your life? The person who has given you your greatest lessons? It could be Steve Jobs. It could be your dad. When you’re having negative thoughts, imagine talking to your idol in the mirror. What would they say? What would they advise in the situation? What would they actually do in that situation?

Don’t be afraid to stick other things on there. What you have there can only be limited by your imagination, so be creative! Let those affect you positively – now get your butt to work!

Our Favorite Bruce Lee Success Quotes and How You Can Apply Them in Your Life

The quotes listed below are just some of the philosophies that we’ve personally used as entrepreneurs. Hopefully these quotes will also help to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to go further after your dreams as well. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own. Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

The main message in this quote is that although it’s important to learn from others, you must also take action for yourself to discover what works and what doesn’t. Only then will you be able to create your own unique path to success. Remember, life is all about growth and evolution. To grow and evolve, people must be willing to experiment with new things to determine what true success means to them. Through trial and error, you’ll learn about what works and that keeping things simple is the most efficient, and effective, approach towards success.

2. “To hell with circumstances, І create opportunities.”

Rather than blaming others for your current situation in life, you must take control of your own life. In the end, it’s up to you to create your own opportunities. To live your dream life, you must take the necessary actions to not only overcome negative situations in life but also use the lessons learned to create new positive opportunities. Don’t blame others if things don’t work out. Just learn from those mistakes and continue to move forward with no loss of enthusiasm towards achieving your goals and objectives.

3. “І fear not the man that practiced 10,000 kicks once, but І fear the man that practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

In this quote, Bruce Lee is stating that people should not be too scattered in life. Although doing so many things will allow you to be adequate at some things, you’ll never reach your full potential and be great at any one thing. Find your niche and follow your passion. Once determined, focus a majority of your energy and practice on refining your art until it’s perfected. Be just like Bruce Lee who found his passion in martial arts, he continued to practice and perfect his craft by learning from other martial arts disciplines over the years, prior to creating his own unique martial arts style – Jeet Kune Dо (The Way of the Intercepting Fist). Find what makes happy and practice it until you’re the best in that marketplace.

Hopefully the quotes listed above will help to inspire and motivate you towards achieving your passion and ambitions in life. Remember, it is your responsibility to create your own opportunities in life and pave your own unique path to success.

So don’t waste your most precious asset, time, and start creating your dream life now!