How You Should Start Every Morning With Your ADD Child


Kids (and adults!) who “suffer” from ADD/ADHD are usually the most creative, caring and lively bunch of human beings you will ever meet. But they also have their weaknesses and a common one that most people with ADD/ADHD have is a lack of organizational skills. When things aren’t in order, your child’s brain can get jumbled up and feel even more anxious, which leads to irritability, inability to focus and bad behavior. A tip that we’ve learned from one of our team members, who happens to be a mother of a 7-year-old son with ADD, is to create and stick to a morning routine with your child every single day.

Here are a few morning schedule samples that you and your child can follow. You are of course welcome to modify them or create your own.

Morning Routine #1

  • Start the day by reading a book together
  • Make the bed together
  • Brush teeth, comb hair and get dressed
  • Let your child eat breakfast while you prepare his/her lunchbox
  • Give your child their morning supplement

Morning Routine #2

  • Set up a fun but gentle alarm clock tone
  • Open the curtains
  • Start the day by playing some calming music
  • Eat breakfast together
  • Give your child their morning supplement


“What is the point of doing this?”

“Will it actually benefit my child? How so?”

“But that extra 15 minutes of sleep is precious to me…”

If these questions and concerns come to mind, let us ask you a question in return: do you make your own or your child’s bed every morning? If the answer is yes, think about why you do so. Some of you may say that that you do it because it’s an innate skill that you’ve learned from your parents who learned it from their parents and so on. Others of you may argue that it’s important to make one’s bed because it’s a form of discipline. A bunch of you could even say that you do it because it feels better to come home to a nicely made, clean bed. All answers are totally valid, but there is an answer that most of you don’t quite realize.

Making your bed in the morning is the first thing you get done in the day. Getting such a simple task done will give you enough satisfaction for you to feel motivated to keep going and make your day productive.

If you teach your child to follow a schedule in the morning, they will feel more organized, more secure and more satisfied before the bell for school even rings. They will have gained a sense of accomplishment, giving them the confidence and motivation they need to do well throughout their day. Sure, kids with ADD struggle with organization. We’ve known that for a really long time now. But it’s not something that’s impossible to fix. Take it day by day and you will get there.

To further help your child gain a cool but focused mindset, we encourage you to get them a supplement that can potentially reduce or eliminate problems such as poor attention skills, anxiety, mood swings and more. Our choice is Lumonol Prep, which you can learn more about here. A cognitive supporting supplement such as Lumonol Prep will make your child feel calmer, happier and ready to perform their best at school.