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AdderRX: Safe & Effective Solution for ADHD

Studies have revealed that the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has risen tenfold in many countries across the world, especially the US, in recent years. There have been many cases where people struggle with a lack of focus, inattentiveness at school or work, impulsive behavior and hyperactivity, and low mental energy for almost their entire life, and are only later diagnosed with ADHD.

Prescription Drugs Aren’t for All

With this increasing global prevalence of ADHD, the consumption of prescription drugs as ADHD medication has also risen. However, due to the unwanted side effects, such as headaches, irritability and trouble sleeping, among others, a large number of adults seek alternative methods of treatment, switching to a more natural approach in the form of herbal brain supplements.

At Smart Pill Guide, we are committed to analyzing the available options for brain supplements and offer the reader facts and information regarding the ingredients, dosage and side effects to help them make an informed purchase.

What is AdderRX?

With a promise of sharper mental focus and energy, AdderRX is a highly sought non-prescription product, which has been launched with a Focus Formula, as an alternative to Adderall.

The key ingredients of the proprietary formula used in Focus Formula are Synephrine HCL, N-Dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenylethylamine, 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine, L-Theanine, Dimethylaminoethanol, Cytidine 5-Diphosphocholine, Schizandrol A and Vinpocetine, all of which offer multiple benefits for the brain.

This brain enhancement supplement claims that daily dosage helps improve overall cognitive functioning, including focus, attention, concentration, memory and learning ability. All these claims of this brain supplement are backed by clinical studies, which also prove that this brain enhancer is 100% safe and effective.

The benefits of AdderRX are further supported by a large number of user reviews, which recommend it for higher energy & mental focus. However, AdderRX brain supplement contain stimulants, which makes this product unsuitable for a certain group of people, such as lactating mothers and people with low blood pressure.

Does it Work?

The answer is yes, it does. There is a huge body of evidence that demonstrates Focus Formula’s effectiveness in improving cognitive functions, including memory and focus. From the AdderRX reviews, it is also clear that this smart pill is able to reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

However, before you go ahead with a buying decision, make sure you learn more about its ingredients, dosage and side effects.

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