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NZT48 is the name given to the fictional drug featured in the movie, Limitless, which is a film adaptation of a novel called The Dark Fields. This movie stars Bradley Cooper as a struggling writer who begins taking the drug in order to use 100% of his brain capacity. The character becomes successful in a career in high finance, as a result of taking the drug, but also experiences mental instability.

The Quest for a Real Life Smart Drug

The idea of thinking and operating on a higher level is a dream come true for many people. Everyone from college students to aging adults seems to be searching for ways to improve memory and cognition. They are searching for effective supplements and product reviews can provide useful information. Reviews of products that work like NZT48 are available at Smart Pill Guide.

Do Smart Pills Exist?

Of course, the idea of taking a pill and having a better memory seems impossible to many people. Advances in scientific research in the area of nootropics has enabled supplement manufacturers to develop products using substances that deliver results. Depending on the product, users may experience a better memory, easier time learning new material, have sharper focus, and an easier time concentrating on tasks.

What You Need to Know  

A few things are important to know, if you want to understand the quality and effectiveness of a supplement. Minimally, you want to seek information about the ingredients, dosage & side effects of cognitive enhancing supplements. Additionally, you should look for clinical studies of the product and try to find reviews from other people that describe the effects they experienced when taking a supplement.

Nootropic Ingredients

Merely saying that a product contains natural ingredients isn’t enough to determine the effectiveness of a product. Some manufacturers are stingy with information about the specific ingredients and the amount of each ingredient used in their formulas and some fail to include the supplement facts label on their websites. Of course, you can still find the information you need by searching for the product labels online.

The Most Common Question

Does it work? This is the answer that most people are looking for when they are researching supplements for cognitive enhancement. The answer can be found in several ways. Some of the highest rated supplements have clinical studies and reports that support the claims made by manufacturers, but not every product has been studied. Information about clinical studies is often made available on product websites, but look for details about the length of the study, number of participants, and results.

Importance of Product Reviews

While there are no NZT48 reviews because that particular drug is fictional, there are reviews of supplements made for cognitive enhancement. When reading reviews, it is very important to consider who is writing the review. Are they associated with the company or writing the review for a specific product website? Ideally, you should seek independently written reviews for unbiased opinions about the products you are thinking of taking.

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