Top 9 Foods in Your Kitchen Cabinet that Do Wonders for Your Brain (part 1)

As opposed to what most people think, the topic of cognitive enhancement and brain hacking is not that complex at all. While the brain is indeed a very complicated lump of tissue between our ears, getting it to work at an optimal level is actually very, very simple. There are quite a number of things that you can do to achieve the next level in brain function, but the easiest thing to do – which you can start actioning right now – is to start eating foods that have positive effects on your brain.

Hold your horses there, mister! Don’t tune out just yet. You can still keep eating your double cheeseburger and jumbo fries – just hear me out…

Eating right is not just good for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. The brain needs nutrients just like every other part of your body, and surprisingly, you might find a lot of these ‘brain foods’ just littered around your very room.

  1. Wholegrain cereal. If you’ve ever tried getting into shape (or are currently trying!) and are actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle, you should probably already have wholegrain cereal somewhere in your kitchen. No, Corn Flakes or Fruit Loops do NOT count. Look into some wholegrain alternatives. Do the same for bread, pasta, and rice as well! Wholegrain cereal are great complex carbs, giving you a steady supply of energy, allowing you to focus and concentrate much better.
  2. Fish. Who doesn’t have cans of tuna lying around their house? Remember, the oiler the fish the better. Oily fish contain Omega-3 Fatty acids, which are great for nourishing the brain. It’s been shown that these fatty acids can aid in memory, help prevent age-related brain diseases, and even slows down the aging of the brain.
  3. Chocolate! Who doesn’t like chocolate? Who doesn’t have chocolate? Chocolate is one of the most common sweet snacks available in every convenience store. And in case you wanted to know, it’s actually been debunked that dark chocolate is better. Sweet or milk chocolate is good as well, but just make sure not to eat too much of it as it can really screw up your sugar levels. Chocolate generally makes you feel good, activating the pleasure centers in your brain, getting you more motivated to do work. But in addition, it also allows you to focus a lot better for a short period of time! Just make sure you don’t eat a whole box of snickers in one sitting!
Continued in Part 2