6 Amazing Ways Smart Drugs Will Change Your Life (part 1)

Wouldn’t it just be absolutely awesome if we were able to control and influence every aspect of our brain and how it works? We could achieve amazing things. If you needed a little extra brain power into your ability to focus, you could easily just make a few adjustments in your head to make that possible. If you wanted to be able to boost your memory to allow you to remember EVERYTHING, that would be equally easy as well. If you’ve ever played the game Crysis, you should recall being able to easily switch between the strength, speed, and stealth modes in an instant. If we could do that to our brains, imagine the possibilities…

Unfortunately though, we probably don’t have the technology to manipulate our brain in such ways yet (note that I say “yet!”). Perhaps it will be possible in the near future, but at the moment, the very next best thing would have to be smart drugs, otherwise known as ‘nootropics’. Depending on which kind you take, you’re able to just as easily boost your focus, memory, creativity, alertness, and motivation as you see fit. They’re available off prescription, and since they are just dietary supplements, they’re perfectly safe for your body.

Here’s what you can do with Smart Drugs:

  1. Soak Up Information Like a Mega-Sponge. You know, there is some truth in the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. As we grow older, retaining the information we learn becomes a lot harder. Just like aging computers, our brains have already gathered so much information over decades that cramming some more in is almost impossible! If only we could go back to our younger years when we would readily accept any information thrown at us. That’s why learning a language as a kid was so much easier than it is now – your brain was like a sponge. Taking nootropics, while it might not be exactly like that, is still pretty damn close.
  2. Energize with Pure, Non-Stimulant Energy! While caffeine is still widely considered as a nootropic, there are other non-stimulant nootropics as well. With these ‘noots’, you get no stimulant-related side effects at all (like crashes, jitters, and anxiety). Imagine that! You’ll be able to head over to work and bust your butt off for a full 7-8 hours, and then after clocking out, still have more than enough energy for some extracurricular activities with the wife. You’ll feel ten years younger! And best of all, you’re not going to crash.
Continued in Part 2