Berocca Focus 50+

Overall Success Rate: 78.5%
Last Updated: July 06, 2024

Berocca Focus 50+ is a multivitamin that’s designed to boost the energy and focus of seniors. We love that these tablets are effervescent, which saves you the trouble of having to swallow large, often weird-smelling capsules. Simply pop one or two of these tablets into a glass of water and Berocca promises that you will have a great, energized day ahead. As we grow older, what once seemed like a problem that a quick cup of coffee could easily fix, becomes a much bigger deal. In fact, low energy levels and poor mental clarity is one of the biggest reasons why most seniors feel anxious and why they have to rely on others to get simple tasks out of the way.

We hope that Berocca will be a helpful supplement that can help make your life easier rather than hurting your pocket. If you’re a senior who is interested to learn the truth about Berocca before purchasing it online then you’re lucky to have landed on this page. Don’t go away!

Berocca Performance 50+ Ingredients

Take a quick look at the product’s supplement facts label, which we easily found on Berocca’s official website:


Keep in mind that Berocca is a multi-vit, which is why most of the ingredients found on the label are composed of vital vitamins and minerals. There is one herbal nootropic from the blend that we would like to discuss, and that’s Ginseng. Assuming that they’ve included Panax Ginseng (which is practically the best type), Berocca’s formula would work well to reduce anxiety and help with concentration. Panax Ginseng also comes with a variety of healthy benefits i.e. helps with male erectile dysfunction and maintains the strength of the immune system.

Score: 16/20

Test Results: Berocca Performance 50+   

Since the formula of the product is simple enough and mirrors that of a regular multi-vitamin, we thought to ourselves ‘why not give it a go’. We replaced our usual cup of morning coffee with a full glass of water and a tablet of Berocca Performance. We are glad to say that the product did give us long-lasting energy support. Wait. Let’s rephrase. It didn’t exactly boost our energy levels or make us feel more hyperactive, but it did eliminate fatigue and made us feel more alert about our overall surroundings. We unfortunately did not see any improvements in memory or learning, but the product does not claim to be able to do so in the first place.

Score: 16/20

Other Online Reviews

Tay B from ProductReview.Com.Au

“If I want to get up and get my workout in, I just pop one in a water bottle and drink. Within 20 mins I’m a new person! I like that it’s more natural than 5 hour energy, and doesn’t give me heart burn like 5 hr either. Taste could be better, but other than that no complaints! Just make sure to eat with it or you’ll be jittery.”

Lee Tsui from ProductReview.Com.Au


“Whatever it is that’s in Barocca makes me extremely sick and I get a horrible fake sweet taste in my mouth for the whole day that doesn’t go away after Barocca. This is the third time I bought a pack of it and each time I noticed how terribly sick I feel and poisoned. I believe it’s the phenanlyne (sorry can’t be bothered to spell it) or the artificial sugars. But it’s horrible. I’d rather you guys just put crappy sugar and calories in than poison me with fake sugars and fake colours and flavours! I won’t buy again and I feel stupid for buying them three times now in the hope I am wrong but I am not.”

Score: 15.5/20

Side Effects

Berocca should not cause any adverse side effects as the ingredients have been included in specific dosages to make certain that each customer can enjoy the product safely. However, a lot of people seem to dislike the taste of the product and can’t stand the “artificial” sweetness of it. If you are particularly sensitive to taste then it may be best to stick to capsule supplements.

Score: 15/20


Berocca is an Australian product so if you wish to purchase a pack you would have to order it online. You can do so via,, and more. The shipping may cost you quite a bit, but if you’re really interested in giving this effervescent multi-vit a go then it could be worthwhile. As of now, a pack of Berocca Performance 50+ costs around US$12.66 and could last up to a month. Thanks for the affordable price tag, Berocca!

Score: 16/20

RECAP: Pro’s vs Con’s

– Cheap
– Contains the herbal nootropic, Panax Ginseng

– Difficult to purchase for non-AUS citizens
– Is pretty much a regular multi-vitamin

The Bottom Line

If you’re 50 or above and are looking for a cheap and convenient multi-vitamin then Berocca Performance 50+ should go on your list. The product contains pretty much all of the vitamins and minerals that you need to maintain good health, plus a dash of Ginseng, which is great for anxiety and focus. Berocca Performance 50+ promises to boost stamina, focus and mental clarity but we honestly have to warn you not to have such high hopes for the product. Again, it’s a great supplement to replace a daily cup of sugary coffee, but it won’t give you spectacular benefits like Lumonol Wisdom, a cognitive enhancing product designed for seniors, would.

Berocca Focus 50+ Reviewed by Smart Pill Guide. Rating:78.5%
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