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Lumonol Prep

Help Your Child Climb Up The Ladder Of Success With This Break-Through Formula!

What if the reason your child can’t concentrate in school and often acts out is because you’re not providing him/her with the right supplements for optimal brain function. Just because your child has problems focusing in school and often exhibits inappropriate behavior does not mean that they have to be held back. These kids, despite what the teachers and tutors and guidance counselors make them out to be, are completely capable of being great students and excellent examples to the class. They just need a slightly heavier nudge than other kids do. And that’s perfectly fine.

If you’re the kind of parent who refuses to stuff your kids with pharmaceutical drugs just because he has attention issues, good for you. There are a ton of other natural treatments available, such as supplements, which you can buy over-the-counter or online. And these supplements are capable of improving mental performance and reducing anxiety without causing dependency, dry mouth, headache, upset stomach and all those nasty side effects you get from harsh synthetic drugs.

Today we are going to explore Lumonol Prep, a dietary supplement made for children and teens whose attention skills, mood and overall behavior could be improved. Lumonol Prep is pretty new to the market but it is receiving a lot of hype within the nootropic specialist community. As we learn more about Prep, we are hoping to see a unique formula capable of bringing significant benefits to children and teens. Does this supplement newbie have what it takes?

Lumonol Prep Ingredients


Full Ingredients List:
Serving Size: 1 Chewable Daily


ZINC 7 mg

Lumonol Prep’s formula is a blend of vital nutrients, powerful herbal extracts and grade-A nootropics. Simply showing you guys a list of unfamiliar ingredients doesn’t do anyone any good. What you need is a thorough explanation of Lumonol Prep’s main ingredients, which will reveal how the product works and what kind of benefits it can provide.

Citicholine: We hope you’re familiar with choline because this nutrient is highly recommended for use by adults as well as children. To keep the science to a minimal here, we’re going to give you guys the most basic explanation of Citicholine’s mechanism of action. Citicholine increases the levels of choline in the brain, which helps the production of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a brain chemical that’s in charge of our learning skills and memory. Supplementing with Citicholine has therefore been associated with improved mental function, particularly with information processing and memory recall. Studies have even shown that Citicholine is capable of increasing mental energy in patients with ADD. Citicholine falls under the FDA’s list of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), meaning it is completely safe to use.

Rhodiola Rosea: A lot of parents like using Rhodiola Rosea because it calms their child without making them feel tired or drowsy. Rhodiola Rosea also helps your child’s mind and body cope better with stress, which will result in better focus and decreased irritability.

Inositol: Inositol is a supplement that’s often used to treat those with mood swings. If you or your child uses Inositol, you may not see results right away. But once you stop using the supplement, you would notice just how big of a difference it makes in reducing anxiety and stress levels.

So what’s the difference between using only 1-2 of these supplements vs. consuming all of them in a stack? Well, these ingredients have been shown to have great interactions with each other, meaning they can boost each other’s effects and produce much more significant results.
Score: 20/20

Test Results: Lumonol Prep

For some ADD kids, stimulants simply don’t work, and that happened to be the case for one of our team member’s 11-year-old son (whose name was requested to stay anonymous). His son was diagnosed with ADD two years ago and since then has been the search for an effective treatment. The family tried Ritalin for a while and it did work to improve concentration but their son simply did not react very well to it, which was seen in the significant drop of appetite. Their experience with Lumonol Prep, however, was very different. Their son experienced increased alertness, was less moody, and was able to focus better – all without the appearance of any side effects. Improved concentration allowed him to perform better at school and get better grades. This in turn made him feel happier and more confident, because he wasn’t receiving as many lectures from his schoolteachers.

Score: 19/20

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It appears like we need to give this product a little more time to settle into the market. There are not very many consumer reviews posted online about the product, but given the quality of the product, we’re sure that many will appear in good time.
Score: 19/20

Side Effects

As aforementioned, Lumonol Prep gets such a huge shout out from us because it was able to deliver what it promised without bringing problematic side effects. A prescription drug like Ritalin, for instance, usually does work to improve ADD/ADHD symptoms but can often cause unwanted effects.

Score: 19/20


A bottle of Lumonol Prep costs $44.70 and will last an entire month. Since you can get the product without a visit to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, it does come for a pretty good deal. Buying Lumonol Prep is an easy and worry-free process because the company promises to give your money back if the results do not satisfy your child’s needs.

Score: 20/20

– Formula consists of well-researched and well-tolerated ingredients
– Ingredients are not known to cause harsh side effects
– Improves focus and concentration
– Improves mood through relaxation of the mind
– Is affordable
– May help improve ADD/ADHD symptoms
– Is not very well-known yet

The Bottom Line

There are tons of children’s supplements to choose from, but you’ve just taken a closer look at one of the most effective products designed to help kids and teens unlock their fullest potential. By using Lumonol Prep, your child will finally be more focused in school and have a happier, calmer attitude. Moreover, Lumonol Prep contains some vital nutrients with antioxidant properties that can protect your son or daughter’s brain cells, ensuring a healthy mind. Say goodbye to those days of endless yelling and frustration and end the war between parent and child with Lumonol Prep – available on for $44.70 a month.

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