Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+

Overall Success Rate: 86.8%
Last Updated: April 06, 2024

Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+

Written clearly across this bottle is the phrase “Formerly Active Seniors,” which clearly indicates that this supplement is designed for those above 50+ who wish to continue living their lives in a dynamic, enthusiastic way. There are a lot of older folks who claim to feel not a day over 18 – but their bodies are telling them otherwise. Vision is getting cloudy, joints are getting weary and it’s become so difficult just to remember the little things. You’ve realized this, which is why you’re looking for the best supplement for seniors in the market. We’ve already got our favorites list – can Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ make it? We’ll see about that.

Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ Ingredients


We’ve got a long list of ingredients to cover, but in this review we’re only going to go over the really important ones. Before we get into it, note that Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ is a multi-vitamin, which is why the largest portion of the supplement facts label is composed of vitamins and minerals. Good to see that they’ve included Vitamin B12, a compound that helps boost mental energy and clarity.

The formula also contains inositol, a nutrient that the brain needs in order for dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine and serotonin to communicate and function properly. Dopamine and serotonin help with mood regulation, GABA helps with sleep and acetylcholine is essential for learning and memory. So overall, inositol is one of those compounds that will benefit you whether you think you need it or not. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, help improve memory, lower cholesterol levels and more.

Another ingredient from the formula that is worth taking the time to talk about is Choline bitartrate. Choline is a nutrient that should always be included in any type of cognitive enhancing supplements. That’s because ingredients that target brain function usually work by directing more blood flow to the brain, which can give you headaches or nausea. Choline stops that from happening and also improves the absorption rate of each ingredient. But Rainbow Light has included possibly the cheapest and lowest quality source of choline in their formula – this isn’t a red flag, but it’s definitely something that the company can work on.

Score: 16/20

Test Results: Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+   

Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ is a multivitamin, so it would be ignorant to expect instant results while using this formula. Besides, did you feel your life improve significantly after using your multi-vit for a month or two? Probably not, but that’s okay, because multi-vitamins are meant to support and maintain your health. Believe it or not, 79% of the consumer reviews felt positively about the product, which gives us no choice but to give Rainbow Light two big thumbs up. Take a look below at what some people have said…

Score: 17/20

Other Online Reviews

Lurker Lee on Amazon.com

“Having gone low carb, I gave up my favorite carb laden over 50 gummies. I bought these 50+ multis based on reviews here, and was impressed by the contents of the vitamins. I’ve tried for several days now to take them, and for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to swallow them. I can swallow other pills, capsules and gel caps alright, but these trigger my gag reflex. And then after a few attempts, the smell of the vitamins is more apparent. I do understand that the swallowing thing is most likely *my* issue, although the smell has been mentioned elsewhere. I’ll continue to try and then give them to a good home if necessary and am considering buying the mini’s that appear to be the same formula, although I had really wanted to avoid having to take multiple pills. For those who are wondering, I’ve attached a photo of the pills. I realize they don’t look huge; they just feel that way when they hit the back of my throat. (And for the record, I’m a nurse. I know how to give and take pills and don’t normally have a problem, although my preference is for them to be gel or capsules because “slippery” seems to be easier). These may be average sized, but I don’t have a basis for comparison. One other observation – one that I spit into the sink seemed to soften fairly quickly, so I think these will be well absorbed, versus the tales I used to hear about finding intact vitamins in septic tanks. I would recommend these to others, with a caveat about the size.”

LMY on Amazon.com

“It used to be safe for people on blood thinners (avoid Vit K) — but the new formulation contains Spirulina, and Vegetable Extract (spinach, kale, Dandelion greens) — all VERY RICH IN VIT K!!! While this supplement alleges it doesn’t “ADD Vit K”, it no longer claims it is safe for those on blood thinning medication!”

Score: 17/20

Side Effects

Despite the comment by the customer above, Rainbow Light has made it clear on its official website that Active Adult 50+ is perfectly suitable for people who are using sulfa medication, people on blood thinning medication, people with thyroid conditions and for current or post cancer patients. Barely any reports on side effects have been made on Rainbow Light’s products, so it should be safe for use. If you are using a medication that has not been mentioned in the company’s website then it is best to ask your doctor about using this product.

Score: 16.5/20


The cheapest way to get Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ is through Amazon.com. You will get a 3-month supply aka 90 count bottle for $16.63 + shipping. That comes down to only a bit over $5 a month. What a bargain…

Score: 17/20

RECAP: Pro’s vs Con’s

– Very cheap!
– Good multi-vitamin option

– Suitable for use with other medications

– Some would say that the product is not nearly as potent as it should be
– May not work effectively for everyone

The Bottom Line

Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ definitely deserves a spot in our top picks of senior supplements. Although it does not beat our Editors’ Award Winner for the elderly, Lumonol Wisdom, it contains possibly one of the best multi-vitamin formulations we’ve ever seen. If you’re 50 or above then consider replacing that old multi-vit you have at home with a more appropriate and effective one, such as Rainbow Light’s. If you wish to quickly get that ageless feeling and experience better mental performance, take a look at Wisdom by Avanse Nutraceuticals – this supplement would work wonderfully with your multi-vit to support brain health and enhance memory.


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