5 Hour Energy

Last Updated: May 11, 2024

5 Hour Energy

Get a Quick Boost with 5 Hour Energy

The ever increasing pace of modern life, multiple work, school, and family responsibilities leave most people struggling to keep up. Many seek a solution to this fatigue and lack of energy in coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Energy drinks, especially shots like Five Hour Energy are sold to provide a quick boost of energy to help you get through the day. If you are considering using an energy shot or another product to increase energy, check Smart Pill Guide for information about the best quality products.

Energy shot products, such as 5 Hour Energy, are a significant segment of the multi-billion dollar energy drink market. The shots can be found at convenience store counters, drug stores, supermarkets, and gas stations across the country. If you have grabbed them in the past, or thought about it, you may want to get a better idea of what it is and whether it works.

Basic Information about 5 Hour Energy

When evaluating any product, such as an energy shot or a natural supplement, consider the overall effectiveness, ingredients, dosage & side effects. As with all energy shots, the primary ingredient in Five Hour Energy is caffeine, which produces the energy boosting results. The other ingredients in this product include vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine, taurine, citicoline, L-phenylalanine, glucuronolactone, malic acid, and sodium.

One thing that makes this product a better choice compared to most energy drinks on the market is that it is carb free and sugar free. Many energy drinks are filled with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

The recommended dosage is one bottle at a time and no more than two bottles in a day, but not at the same time. Although there are no harmful side effects associated with this product, it is important not to take more than is recommended by the manufacturer. Taking more than the recommended dosage could result in side effects such as headaches, dizziness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and stomach cramps.

Does it Work?

Customer reviews are largely positive and 5 Hour Energy has an enormous following. In fact, this brand makes up 90% of the energy shot market. If you want to use a caffeine based energy drink, this product is generally found to be safe and effective, as long as you don’t have a heart condition or another health problem that requires you to limit your intake of caffeine.

While energy shots do provide a burst of energy to help you power through a lengthy to do list, they may not be the best choice for sustained energy and focus for improved performance. There are a wide variety of supplements on the market that contain quality nootropic ingredients. In addition to giving you energy, these supplements can provide improvements in memory, focus, cognitive function, and concentration. Read and compare product reviews at Smart Pill Guide to learn about the best rated products for energy and focus.

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