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Vinpocetine: To Combat Effects of Aging on the Brain

Do you want better focus and concentration? Do you crave faster learning abilities and better mental clarity? Do you want to achieve a better mood even in difficult situations? Whether you are a student or a senior citizen, employee or CEO, brain and memory supplements are increasingly finding favor with people seeking to improve their functioning and achieve their goals.

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Here is a new addition.

What is Vinpocetine

Popular as a biosynthetic nootropic, Vinpocetine is a man-made chemical derived from the periwinkle plant, way back in 1975. This nootropic, used in some dietary supplements, acts as both a brain booster and a neuroprotectant. Vinpocetine reviews claim that it leads to improved focus and concentration, while promoting cerebral metabolism and increased blood flow to the brain. Backed by scientific studies, Vinpocetine is an over-the-counter anti-aging supplement that alleviates weariness associated with aging, while also being a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and age-related memory loss.

This chemical is also stacked with other ingredients due to its immense benefits. After using Vinpocetine for a certain period, the user experiences higher mental clarity and improved levels of alertness.

How Does Vinpocetine Work?

Upon ingestion, Vinpocetine dilates or relaxes the blood vessel walls. As a result, oxygen and other nutrients can easily travel to the brain, especially the cerebrum. This feature of Vinpocetine becomes especially useful in preventing brain damage that is usually caused by high blood pressure, thereby preventing the resulting strokes. It also encourages increased production of several essential neurotransmitters. It results in better energy levels, heightened alertness and increased retention power.

In addition, working as an anti-inflammatory agent for the brain, Vinpocetine helps in repairing brain tissues that might have been damaged due to ageing, while also increasing the rate of oxygen uptake by the brain cells.

Dosage and Side-Effects

Vinpocetine reviews have been largely positive. The recommended daily dosage is 15 to 30 mg, divided into three times a day. You can keep the dosage to the maximum range for maximum benefits, since this man made chemical does not lead to harmful side-effects.

While it may take some weeks for Vinpocetine to show its full results, you might start experiencing improved energy levels, cognitive abilities and mood within hours of taking a memory supplement containing this compound.

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