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Is the Adderall alternative everyone is raving about a scam?!

To all parents who are struggling to find a safe and effective Adderall alternative for their ADHD child right now, know that there are many options available and that you shouldn’t give up! Even though we’ve been lucky enough to successfully discover the best and most effective supplement for kids and teens just a few months ago, we continue to look for other options just to see if anything can top off our Editors’ choice, Lumonol Prep. Today we will be taking a look at an Adderall alternative product called ADDTabz. It is mostly marketed towards students who wish to gain a mental edge, boosted focus and memory skills but don’t want to take the risk of ordering Adderall illegally. However, the product may be suitable for teens and adults with ADHD/ADD, which is why we’re going to review it in more detail.

ADDTabz Ingredients

Full Ingredients List:
Serving Size: 1 CAPSULE DAILY



ADDTabz’ formula is far simpler than we would’ve expected it to be. Since ADHD is associated with hyper, unfocused behavior, the ingredients in the formula are expected to have calming properties. Compounds that reduce anxiety and promote relaxation lead to better focus, concentration and less fidgets.

The two main ingredients chosen to enhance cognitive performance are DMAA and CDP Choline. DMAA was interestingly chosen to be included in the formula, despite the 86 incidents reported to the FDA regarding side effects of the compound. DMAA is an amphetamine-like stimulant that enhances focus in those with ADHD/ADD. It works quite effectively to enhance concentration but most users claim that its side effects overpower the benefits. Meanwhile, CDP Choline is a nootropic capable of boosting memory and learning by helping the production of acetylcholine – the chemical in our brains responsible for cognitive function. CDP Choline may also enhance the effects of other ingredients and even prevent the appearance of side effects.

A red flag to the formula is caffeine. Caffeine is listed as one of the ingredients not recommended to both children and adults who suffer from ADD/ADHD. Caffeine is a stimulant that may stir up mental energy and alertness, thereby preventing long attention spans.

Score: 16/20

Test Results: ADDTabz

ADDTabz may be able to help you focus for longer periods of time without getting distracted or feeling anxious. However, the product contains DMAA, which as we’ve mentioned before, may lead to detrimental side effects. During our experiment with ADDTabz, we were able to stay very productive for around 3-4 hours straight. Staying focused on work didn’t feel like a burden and time actually flew by quite quickly. After day 3, some users experienced morning nausea and light headaches.

Score: 14/20

Other Online Reviews

“Hello. I’ve heard about this addtabz and read some “reviews” written by them!!! lol (the producers). These reviews where “good”. I decided to buy a bottle of 40 (paid 76$ + delivery) to give it a try. I took one tablet first morning and i was completely snookered in about one hour. I felt very confused and disorientated my heart was racing and my mind was completely covered in fog. I had a very bad panic attack and a very high level of anxiety for the rest of that day. Went to my doctor and he advise to drink plenty of water to clean my system of this poison. Also he said that they use a very high dose of caffeine plus (god knows what!!!) other dangerous ingredients. I was feeling better in a few days and I threw “the magic” stuff in the rubbish bin. These so called ” focus mind” tablets where doing the opposite effect. My advise is do not try them- this is a scam!!!”

  • FrancisStreet on

“[…]Energy: I had a lot more available energy after taking this natural OTC brain supplement, and it wasn’t jittery energy like with a caffeine buzz. I also didn’t have a crashing feeling or experience extreme highs followed by extreme lows. The energy felt more authentic and sustained compared to other products—not like a roller coaster.

Ability to Focus: My alertness and concentration has improved too. At first I thought I might feel hyperactive and end up being less focused in the long run because of the increased energy, but I was so happy to notice that the extra energy didn’t come at the price of lower concentration. The energy felt authentic, or clean, not so scattered that I couldn’t focus on a task. I just felt solidly alert.”


Score: 18/20

Side Effects

The biggest concern about ADDTabz is the potential side effects that come with the product. According to, many reports on side effects have been sent to the FDA about the compound. DMAA has been shown to cause heart palpitations, seizures, high anxiety, and more. That’s because DMAA is a strong amphetamine, meaning it does pump up your blood pressure.

Score: 15/20


To get ADDTabz, visit and choose the package you’d like to order. Each bottle costs $69.00 + shipping and contains 40 capsules. If you stick to 1 capsule per day then the bottle will last nearly 2 months, but most users may feel the need to take 1 capsule twice a day.

Score: 17/20

RECAP: Pro’s vs Con’s

– Boosts focus and concentration for hours
– May help with learning and comprehension skills
– Contains an FDA-warned ingredient (DMAA), which has been associated with seizures, increased heart rate, high blood pressure and more.

– Since the product is stimulant-based, it may cause dependency.
– Does not balance neurotransmitter levels in the brain
– Fairly expensive

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering buying this product for your child/teen then we would highly suggest that you consult with your psychiatrist or doctor beforehand. One of the ingredients in the formula has been linked to many adverse side effects, so following the “better safe than sorry” motto for this particular situation would be best. While we did experience laser-sharp focus while using the product, we also felt occasional headaches. For this reason, we prefer using much more natural, stimulant-free supplements, such as Lumonol Prep.

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