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The first thing you will notice when you begin to research supplements is the large number of products that are marketed for memory and focus. When every brand is promising results and claiming that their products are the best on the market, choosing a supplement can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Picamilon one of the products sold for memory, focus, anxiety, and other conditions.

Supplement and Medical Uses

Those searching for a smarter nootropic may be impressed by the fact that this is one of a few products that is sold as either a supplement or a prescription medication, depending on the country. In the United States and many other countries, this product is sold as a dietary supplement for improving memory and focus. In addition, it is sold as an anti-anxiety supplement for its effectiveness for anxiety and depression.

Picamilon was originally developed in Russia, or what was then the Soviet Union, in the late 1960s. Scientists mixed niacin and GABA to create a substance that would work to improve memory, focus, and treat other health conditions. In countries where it is a prescription medication, it is prescribed to treat migraines, depression, alcohol intoxication, stokes, neuro infections, craniocerebral trauma, and conditions that reduce cerebral blood flow.

In addition to the medical uses and improving cognitive function, the product has been shown to be effective for other problems. Many users have found it helpful as an anti-anxiety supplement, for social anxiety, and to boost mental energy, concentration, and reduce stress. Some side effects have been noted, including headaches, nausea, and light headedness.

Results and Reviews

Does it work? This is the ultimate question when buying any supplement. The ingredients, dosage & side effects can provide information to help you determine if a product will work before you spend your money. The dosage of this supplement can range from 50 mg per day to 200 mg daily, depending on the results you are hoping to achieve. Most people start off with the lower dose and gradually increase it.

Picamilon reviews offer insight into the effectiveness, quality, and side effects of the supplement. Reviews of this product are largely positive and the fact that it was developed as a medication means that studies have been conducted to support the claims about the product. You should compare reviews of this product and other supplements to make the best decision for you.

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