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The ever increasing pace and highly competitive nature of academia and the global economy have made it necessary to work smarter, harder, and faster than ever before. Stories are abundant about students and professionals abusing prescription medications to keep up with the pace or gain an advantage. Natural cognitive enhancement supplements are a safer alternative, such as Prevagen and other brain supplements.

Advantages of Natural Supplements

The right treatment will vary and depend on the needs of the individual and desired results. Does the person have a serious attention problem or just need to improve mental energy and focus. Many supplements are available for overall improvements in memory and focus, while others provide natural treatment for a specific problem, such as ADHD or mental decline. For best results, it is important to find the type of supplement that is formulated for your unique needs.

Researching Your Options

In order to find a quality supplement that is designed for the problem you are hoping to solve, you need to conduct research and compare results. Several brands claim to be the No 1 memory supplement. Taking the time to learn about each supplement and what it is designed to improve is the best way to ensure that you are comparing products that are likely to produce the results you want.

The most important factors to consider when researching supplements include the Ingredients, dosage & side effects associated with the supplement. For cognitive enhancement, you should look for a product that contains proven nootropic ingredients. Prevagen contains a unique active ingredient apoaequorin, a protein substance derived from a species of jellyfish. This substance has been shown to support mental ability and brain function and works on a cellular level to prevent cell degradation.

Prevagen Reviews and Clinical Studies

Advertising claims and product labels are insufficient when researching supplements. A good place to start is with independent product reviews and reviews from users. These are more likely to contain unbiased information about the effectiveness of the product than information found on the manufacturer’s website. Smart Pill Guide offers reviews of top supplements for cognitive support.

Clinical studies provide another reliable source about the effectiveness of a supplement. While not every manufacturer conducts these studies, Prevagen has clinical studies that support the manufacturer’s claims. A three month study of more than 200 participants showed mild improvements in memory function and significant improvements in learning and recall abilities after using this product.

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