Real Limitless Pill – Reach Your Full Potential

Last Updated: July 08, 2017

Real Limitless Pill – Reach Your Full Potential

The movie, Limitless, features Bradley Cooper as a struggling writer. When he takes a drug, known as NZT 48, he finds that his cognitive abilities are greatly enhanced and he is able to access 100% of the power of his brain. The idea of a Limitless drug moved one step closer to reality from science fiction with the discovery of the cognitive benefits of nootropics.

Can Mental Abilities be enhanced with Pills?

While the NZT 48 pills from Limitless are fictional, brain supplements are available to improve memory, focus, and mental energy. The results vary and some products are formulated to produce specific benefits. Overall, these supplements are designed to improve memory, focus, concentration, and retention of information, which makes them popular on college campuses.

College students, working professionals, individuals with ADHD, and older adults seeking to preserve memory and cognitive function turn to supplements to gain an advantage. Supplements are sold to improve focus, learning ability, mental clarity, and some are even specifically formulated for brain support and preserving memory in older adults. The individual must discern which pills are best for the desired results.

How Nootropic Supplements Work

Of course, it is not realistic to expect to access the full potential of the human brain, as featured in the movie. That is entirely fiction, but it is possible to improve your memory, mental function, and energy with the right supplement. The best products contain nootropic ingredients, which have been shown to produce results in clinical studies.

The ingredients are the most important factor to consider. For example, caffeine alone will improve mental energy for a short period of time, but won’t help memory and cognitive function. Look for products with quality nootropic ingredients to enjoy long term results. It is important to consider both the quality of the nootropics and amount of each ingredient that is included in the formula.

Product reviews. Smart Pill Guide offers independent product reviews on a broad range of supplements that claim to offer impressive results. Comparing the reviews and success rates of the leading supplements can provide a useful and reliable tool when making a decision regarding supplements.

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