3 Pictures to Stick on Your Bathroom Mirror to Get You Focused for the Day

Do you find yourself sometimes a little unmotivated to get yourself to work? Do you wake up and just not want to get up from bed at all? Yeah, sometimes work does get a little repetitive, but we need to strive forward and keep going. It may be a little difficult, but you need to remember that sometimes, you need to keep going to achieve a greater goal.

I know sometimes you’d love to just sleep in a little bit longer, and probably just call in sick. But do you want that Ferrari? You need to keep going forward. You know that you aren’t going to feel like that the whole day anyway, and that it’s just usually the early mornings that get you – so let’s charge you up early in the morning, before you even get in the shower!

While you may not be too used to sticking things onto your bathroom mirror, perhaps it is a good time to start doing so. You look at yourself in the mirror every day and everyone knows the bathroom is a place where great ideas just come to you naturally. With that in mind, let’s supercharge your mornings and get you all pumped up for work by extremely unorthodox methods – sticking things to your mirror.

Here’s what should be there:

  1. Your Loved Ones. It’s always great to remind yourself who you are doing this for. You want to be able to give your family an exceptional life, so having their pictures on the mirror is great to remind you of the bigger picture. Plus, in times of hardship, you’ll just feel good when you’re reminded of everyone there for you.
  2. Your Greatest Desires. What does your dream home look like? Is there a car that you’ve been dying to buy for the last few months? Is there a vacation you’ve been waiting to take this Christmas? We are fueled by our wants, not our needs – so remind yourself of the things that you really, really want by sticking pictures of them all over you bathroom mirror. And then, when you have the money to do so, start crossing off items from that list!
  3. Your Idol / Inspiration. Who is the most influential person in your life? The person who has given you your greatest lessons? It could be Steve Jobs. It could be your dad. When you’re having negative thoughts, imagine talking to your idol in the mirror. What would they say? What would they advise in the situation? What would they actually do in that situation?

Don’t be afraid to stick other things on there. What you have there can only be limited by your imagination, so be creative! Let those affect you positively – now get your butt to work!