5 Ways to Eliminate Stress from Your Life: Part 2

In this day and age, there are quite a lot of things outside, yet also inside, that can cause us a lot of stress. Though it isn’t often easy, we have to learn to sometimes take a breather, and let some of the little things go. We’re here to guide you on your step-by-step path to stress-free living. Although you might not employ some of these techniques, sticking to at least one should grant you some substantial results!

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2. Smile. You’ve probably heard the saying “A smile can hide a thousand words” before. Although it isn’t exactly words that you’re hiding, it can put on a show, fooling people of the feelings you keep inside. Yes, it isn’t good to vent – stresswise. However, it isn’t simply about putting on a mask and hiding your feelings. You wouldn’t have to become a cold person to do this.

However, there is some surprisingly convincing research out there suggesting that simply smiling when you’re in all grumpy can actually cause you to experience a positive mood. Apparently, your brain cannot discern whether your smile is genuine or fake, causing it to release hormones in your body that would normally be released were you in a jolly mood. The research also warns, though, that trying too hard, though, might be counterproductive, and might actually backfire in your plans to de-stress. This means that the saying “fake it ‘til you make it” might just hold true.

Do Not Distort Your Perspective. Often a lot of people think that a bad morning inevitably means that you are going to have a bad day. However, this isn’t always necessarily true – unless, of course you’ve been having an unfortunately really bad run of bad coincidences. Most often, what happens is that our bad mood affects our perspective on the whole day, that some of the little things that we start doing – a few behavioral cues – are a bit influenced by that single event that happened in the beginning of your morning. It probably was something as trivial as having to change your blue shirt after spilling coffee on it too.

However, although we won’t be able to completely eliminate this sort of thing, we should always try to reevaluate ourselves throughout the day, and see what kind of positive spin you can make out of the events that happened. Maybe blue isn’t really your color – a yellow one makes you stand out better. Keep positive, it isn’t going to be all bad.