All about Nootropics

nootropicsNootropics are a class of natural and manmade chemicals that were discovered to offer cognitive benefits for the human brain. Nootropic supplements, also called smart drugs or brain supplements work to improve memory, learning, and cognition. At Smart Pill Guide, you can find information and read product reviews of the top nootropic supplements on the market.

Nootropic supplements are formulated to provide a solution to the memory and focus problems experienced in daily life. College students, professionals across a broad spectrum of industries, and older people are seeking the top nootropic supplements to improve memory, enhance cognitive functioning, and support brain health.

What are Nootropics?

The term nootropic was first used by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea in an attempt to categorize this specific type of drug. He developed five criteria for a drug to be considered a nootropic.

Nootropics have the ability to:

  • Enhance memory and learning ability
  • Protect the brain against physical and chemical assault
  • Aid brain function under disruptive conditions
  • Increase the efficiency of neuronal firing control mechanisms
  • Be non-toxic and cause no side effects

Pills or supplements that meet all of the above criteria can be considered nootropics. The increased demand for quality supplements has resulted in a broad range of products being marketed as nootropics. The challenge is to determine the effectiveness of a brain enhancement product before spending your money. You can find this information on independent review sites and customer reviews, such as Smart Pill Guide.

There are quality products that may not meet all the criteria to be considered nootropics that offer positive results for memory, concentration, and cognitive functioning. Natural smart pills, such as Luminol, Brain Pill, and Lucidal, contain natural ingredients and produce little or no side effects.

Finding the Best Nootropic Stack

If you have searched for nootropics, you have probably found hundreds of products making amazing claims about improvements in memory and brain functioning. However, the reasons people take smart pills vary widely, so the best nootropic stack is the one that will best help you meet your specific goals. The best way to know this is to research your option and make an informed decision.

There a few key pieces of information you will need to make an educated decision for your brain health. Always check the ingredients of any smart pills to make sure the formula contains natural ingredients and quality nootropics. Select products that are formulated with the nutrients that produce the best benefits for cognitive functioning and overall brain health, rather than caffeine and synthetic substances.

Clinical studies have been conducted on nootropics and some manufacturers have conducted trials on their own products. Information about the results of clinical studies can provide another good source of reliable information about the quality and efficacy of a supplement.

Product reviews and customer reviews tell how well a supplement worked for other users, but only if it is from an independent and unbiased source. Product testimonials on the company’s website sound great, but hearing from real people and comparing how products rate among customers can help you know how well a product works before you buy it.