CDP Choline

Last Updated: September 08, 2018

CDP Choline

CDP Choline: A Safe and Effective Treatment

CDP Choline’s role in treating and preventing memory related problems, arising out of ageing and other factors, has been proven for long. This chemical has been widely used in Japan and several parts of Europe to treat strokes and related problems. The chemical is now finding wide use in the US too, in various brain enhancing and memory supplements, since both its molecules are neuroprotective and potentially boost learning and concentration power in humans. CDP Choline reviews state that it is a safe and generally well tolerated chemical that can be used as a brain supplement in isolation or in combination with other supplements.

Effects of CDP Choline

When administered orally, CDP Choline releases two of its main components, cytidine and choline, which are absorbed completely and reach the central nervous system. CDP Choline activates the biosynthesis of structural phospholipids in the neuronal membranes, enhances cerebral metabolism and acts on the various neurotransmitters in our brain. Also, this chemical is very safe and has no or little side effects, making it suitable for treatment of patients with head trauma, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive disorders.

Supplements like Lumonol, which contain CDP Choline, play an important role in boosting mental performance and memory, particularly in elderly people, people suffering from Alzheimer’s and several other cases.

Dosage and Side Effects

Although no major side effects of taking CDP Choline in powder or capsule form have been witnessed, it is always advisable to consult a physician before one consumes supplements containing it. This will help avoid possible interactions with any other medicines that a person might have been prescribed for any other medical condition. Also, it is recommended to always take brain enhancing pills as per the dosage instructions on the pack or as directed by a medical expert.

Another advantage of CDP Choline is that when combined with racetam class nootropics, it enhances their memory boosting impact, while preventing minor but sometimes annoying headaches that are often associated with them.


Recognition of its various advantages and the key role it plays in enhancing brain growth and cognitive development, CDP Choline finds place in several top brain enhancement supplements. To choose the best one, one can compare the features and user reviews of pills containing CDP Choline on unbiased sites like Smart Pill Guide and make an informed decision.

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