Top 9 Foods in Your Kitchen Cabinet that Do Wonders for Your Brain (part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Getting the right foods for your brain definitely doesn’t need to be as complex as you think it should be. There are tons of ways to get your brain humming like a well-oiled engine simply by changing even just one or two of your eating habits, or by starting to eat even just a couple of the foods in this list.

What’s more though, you don’t even have to go far! All the foods and drinks here are very common and I bet that at least a couple of them may just be hidden away somewhere in your kitchen cabinet. If not though, they’re still common enough for you to be able to just pick up at your nearest convenience store.

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4. Caffeine. There is literally over a thousand different products out there that contain caffeine. A can of coke? Yes. A cup of hot green tea? Yes. A good old cup of Joe? OBVIOUS YES! Did you know that caffeine not only wakes you up, but for a short time, actually really gives you a substantial surge of focus, alertness, and may even boost short-term memory? Just like chocolate, it also does wonders for your mood. Too bad its effects aren’t long-term though.

5. Chewing Gum. While chewing gum, much like coffee, doesn’t have any long-term effects on your brain, for the time that you are actually chewing the gum, your alertness, attention, and focus levels really goes up! In fact, did you know that baseball players chew gum just to help their reaction time and ability to hit the ball? Let’s not forget that chewing gum is also amazing if you are feeling a little sleepy. Oh, and on the other hand, it also gives you good breath. Just remember not to open a pack in front of your friends!

6. Water. What? Really? When’s the last time that you saw water on a list about food that does wonders for your brain? Okay, it’s not technically food, but then again, we put caffeine in here! And most sources of caffeine are liquid as well! Knowing the fact that your brain is made up of 75% water, it’s actually pretty essential. Your cells and your organs need water as a fundamental pillar just to function, so don’t forget to drink up! And if you aren’t convinced yet, research proves it too – those who stay well hydrated score significantly higher on test results.

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